The appropriate application of aluminium in the car body enables a weight reduction of 40% compared to a lightweight steel car body with the same technical performance.

An aluminium-intensive vehicle can achieve up to a 20% reduction in total life cycle energy consumption and up to a 17% reduction in CO2, providing a clear sustainable advantage of using aluminium in the automotive and transport sectors.

Aluminium performs exceptionally well in terms of corrosion resistance, an obvious additional advantage when it comes to the need for durability and lower maintenance costs in the road transport sector.

Etem Gestamp aim is to supply the transportation market with aluminium profiles, from simple long-length profiles, to fully fabricated aluminium components and machined parts.

The company can do so thanks to our experience with solid alloys like the 6005 and 6082 usually found in the transport industry.

Cut to length profiles of up to 14m are available and higher sections are available thanks to our 10’’ and 11’’ aluminium SMS extrusion lines.